Why counselling?

There are many different reasons why a person might come to counselling. Some people struggle with confidence issues, or might be knocked sideways by life events such as bereavement or relationship breakdown. Sometimes we feel low or unable to move forward, or so stressed and anxious that we feel we are losing control and life isn’t going how we would want it to be. This can leave you feeling any number or unpleasant emotions.

Often transition can undermine the way feel. Times of transition are when changes are going on in our lives and sometimes people struggle to cope with change or sometimes people want change in their lives and are frustrated that nothing is changing. Either way we all struggle with our lives at some time or another and this is a common human experience that connects all people.

I do realise how difficult it is to find meaning to certain experiences and move on, nonetheless by making the big decision to see a counsellor, you are making the move towards finding some clarity about what is going on for you which is the first step in finding a way forward.

If you are looking for a counsellor in Croydon (East Croydon) please give me a call on 020 8656 7832 or email me.

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